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Becky S. Ryan, Founder    

Online Course Providers (School No. S10-0005) and Arizona Course Providers (School No. S10-0003) are both locally-owned Arizona schools based in Chandler, and are owned and administered by Becky S. Ryan.  All courses have been developed and authored by an Arizona broker, and focus on Arizona-specific laws, practices and customs.  Technical support functions are provided from Tucson, Arizona.  Each school provides Arizona Department of Real Estate-approved continuing education classes for Arizona-licensed real estate agents.  Independent verification of ADRE approval can be done by going ADRE's web site.

How do I Log In to Online Classes? 

If you purchased your classes, previously, click ONLINE STUDENTS CLICK HERE (above), then when prompted, click REGISTERED STUDENTS CLICK HERE.  Enter your UserName and password.  The classes you have not yet completed will be listed below.  The system uses a UserName and password mechanism to provide you access to the classes you have purchased.  Click the BEGIN OR RESUME button beside the class you want to take or continue.  Note that your UserName and password are case sensitive.  This means that if you typed "Dog" when you set your UserName and password up, that is different than "dog" "d0g" or "DOG".  Please be mindful that some devices will automatically try to capitalize the first letter, whether you intended to or not, so please check capitalization if you are having problems.  If re-entering your password does not resolve the problem, there is an on-screen button where you can have your password emailed to you, or you may contact us for assistance at, Technical Support at 520-861-8032 or Customer Servicer at 480-949-1000.  

We hope you'll find this site informative and easy to navigate.  If ever you can't locate the information you are looking for, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page, contact us at or call 480-949-1000 or 520-861-8032.

Thank you for visiting.  Make it a great day, and happy selling!